Monthly Archives: December 2015

The Witch Bottle

Here is the beginning of a book I’m writing for children called ‘The Witch Bottle’. It started off as a scary story I told to my children as we were walking in Lathkill dale in Derbyshire.
There’s a place along the route we took which is called Parson’s Tor – known as Fox Tor until 1776. It’s name was changed to commemorate the tragic death of the Rev Robert Lomas, Rector of Monyash who fell to his death from the Tor when returning home from Bakewell one stormy night. He’s buried in Monyash churchyard.
The story I told my kids (we like to tell scary stories sometimes when we’re walking – it helps keep them going on long walks!) was very loosely based on this and is more fiction than fact.It ended up containing witches, reincarnation and all sorts of weird and wonderful things. The story took on a life of it’s own as stories do and I ended up writing the beginning up on Storybird as my daughter, who’s eleven also writes using the Storybird website (and she’s got more followers than me!). I’ll hopefully have time to complete it when I’ve finished writing ‘Wreckers’ which I’m currently about a tenth of the way through. Here’s the link to the PDF version The Witch Bottle and here’s the link to the Storybird version.