Fire – A New Short Story

Here is a new short story. It’s called ‘Fire’ and it’s the third in a quartet about Earth, Fire, Air and Water (the so called four elements of magic). It’s not been without its problems. I wrote it a couple of weeks back and was really happy with it but when I came to edit it I realised I’d lost over 1000 words of the damned thing – one reason I wish I still had my Mac – that never happened with it.


However, I dragged myself together, telling myself I wouldn’t rewrite it as it was because that wouldn’t work – no story is ever the same on two different occasions, the sands of subconsciousness shift so to speak – so I would write it as it came out the second time and let the first draft rest in peace.

Anyhow, couldn’t move on to what I wanted to write next without laying this one to rest so here it is. I’m still pretty happy with it. It’s set, somewhat predictably, in 1666 during the Great Fire of London but it was a good exercise in writing historically and using a healthy mix of fact and fiction.

I found out some pretty interesting things about the Great Fire whilst researching it. Did you know, for instance, that a simple-minded French watchmaker (the French were blamed a lot for the Fire – no one realised that the winds carried embers from one building to other seemingly unrelated ones and we were at war with them at the time) named Robert Hubert was hung at Tyburn on 28th September 1666 for starting the fire  even though he was later found to have been at sea at the time of the fire?

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