Getting back in the saddle etc…

I haven’t written for a while. I have however, completed my book ‘The Mermaid Pool’ and have a draft copy sitting on my shelf. It’s not quite ready – it needs some tweeking in formatting terms but it should be ready soon!

So what prompted my lack of blogging, writing and creativity? I got a full time job working in ed tech for The University of Sheffield (some of us need a day job to pay the way but also to act as balance and impetus to write!). As such, it’s been a hectic and tiring six months. Added to that was the desire to rest my pen for while after completing the novel as it had started to turn into a must do rather than a want to – not a good sign!

I have a very supportive bunch of writing friends through Frecheville Library Writers’ Group and also the Sheffield Novel Group who have been extremely supportive, provided chat, tea and biscuits and above all took the trouble to stay in contact even when I wasn’t the most sociable of people! I owe them a huge thankyou. They’re the ones who have kept me connected to writing even when I thought I might give it up (but that’s impossible of course – like giving up my right leg).

So I’ve recently started scribbling again and am excited about a couple of projects. One is a manuscript for a novel I started a while back that’s based on my Off The Shelf winning story set around the Birley Spa Bathhouse and ancient woodland roundabout in Shirebrook. It’s an historical crime novel set in World War II and the 1800’s.

The other is a project with my daughter who is an incredibly talented digital artist and comic creator. We’re goind to work on a joint graphic novella (me words, her pictures) about Hel, the daugher of Loki. It’s set in contemporary London.

So, back in the saddle and focusing on the enjoyment of writing rather than the end product for the moment. Published or not published is irrelavent at the end of the day – what’s important is the process, the creativity, the people and the fun!

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