Winner of Sheffield Off The Shelf Short Story Competition 2016!

I am thrilled to have come first place in this years Off The Shelf Short Story Competition. The competition, run by Sheffield Authors held an evening to hear some of the stories and present the awards at the Mugen Tea House on 17th October.

I attended, pleased to have made the final twelve with my story ‘After The Fire’ but was not expecting to make the top six, let alone be first prize!

It was a lovely event and I met some really lovely creative people, including Berlie Doherty, author of Street Child and Dear Nobody. Berlie, a double Carnegie medal winner was one of the judges. I also got chatting to Steven Kay, another writer of historical fiction and author of The Evergreen in Red and White and Beverley Ward who won a Northern Writers Award in 2012 for her yong adult novel Straight on Till Morning. It was a lovely event and everybody was so supportive and friendly.

The story is set in Birley Spa woods in the nineteenth century is centered around the burial of Lucretia, the Queen of Gypsies at Beighton. It will be published in the next issue of Now Then magazine.

It was fantastic finding out that I had won and it has really spurred me on in my writing and creative endeavors.

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